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Monday, March 14, 2016

Sheriff Facebook Post of March 3, 2016 Awards, Posted on The Morgan County Sheriff's Office Facebook March 12, 2016

We held our Sheriff’s Office Morgan County 2nd Law Enforcement Awards Banquet , March 3rd at the Elks Lodge. I would like to first thank the Elks Lodge for the generous donation of our food, facilities and support this year! Also, I want to publicly commend our Morgan County’s following Law Enforcement.
Sergeant Willie Pete Taylor and our Bookkeeper Kathy Brewer, two of our Morgan County Sheriff’s family has retired this year.
Pete has been with our Sheriff’s Office for 19 years and Kathy for 11 years. We will miss them and hope they will visit us often!
The Sheriff Reserves/Posse Member of the Year are Chaplain Tom Elder and Chaplain Anthony Patterson. They both are always available and ready to help whenever we call upon them and for volunteering countless hours to the service of victims and employees and their families. Also, offering their services in patrol, in leading funerals throughout the county.
Reserve Officer Community Service Award went to Jeremy Lee. Jeremy has assisted in the service of civil papers and saved hundreds of hours in labor cost. He had 508 hours of volunteer work.
Reserve Patrolman of the Year went to Kelly Simmons. Kelly is A-Post certified, law enforcement officer, who volunteers his spare time to our community. Kelly had 274 hours of volunteer work.
Bookkeeper of the Year went to Kathy Brewer for excellence in our clerical staff and her assistance in the auditing and managing of our budget.
Detention Deputy of the Year went to Justin Powell. Justin is an invaluable employee, who not only works with the Sheriff’s Office, but volunteers with many other organizations and is well versed in every area of the jail. Also, for helping to complete our legal based guidelines SOP’s for the jail.
Elk Lodge Award of Valor (Sheriff’s Deputy of the Year) went to Kyle Wilson. Kyle is our bulldog in investigations. We are very thankful to him for all major investigations. I know in my term, no homicide or major crime has gone unsolved.
The Award of Merit goes to Melissa Winans, Matt Farley, Michelle Sparks, Veronica Carrico, Tom Driggers, Kristian Moody and Brandon Colwell. This award is given to law enforcement for their training in using those skills to save the life of another.
The highest award given to a Morgan County Sheriff’s Office employee is given to the employee that puts his life on the line in the act of saving another. The Almond Biles Award went to Deputy Turk Jones and Deputy Joey Coburn. It was for their courage act of putting themselves in a burning vehicle, following a wreck and pulling the victim to safety.
I am very proud of all of our Morgan County Sheriff’s Office family and thank you for allowing me the honor and privilege of serving you.

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