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Friday, March 4, 2016

Sheriff Ana Franklin Sheriff's Brief - We Met All of Last Years Goals


Goals and Accomplishments

I purchased four brand new top of the line trucks for the Sheriff's Office.  The vehicles went to the following employees:

Bones Wilson
Larry Berzett
Steven Ziaja
Mike Corley

Ignore the fact that Steven doesn't work for the sheriff's office. Both he and DeeAnn desperately need sheriff's office vehicles in the performance of their duties.  

I purchased two chattel trucks to ensure that we keep the hundreds of cows, pigs, horses, mules, donkeys, chickens and other such livestock off of our road ways.  Our overachiever animal control deputies are as follows:

Chad Smith
Chris Dutton

I succeeded in coming to work each time an employee was terminated, suspended, or disciplined.  

I have successfully built an Empire with the Posse/Rodeo. Winning major achievements from the company, I paid thousands of dollars to sponsor our rodeos.  

I attended at least 30 out of state rodeo/posse events using tax payer dollars and MCSO resources.

I successfully brought my closest cronies to each of the events, complements of tax payer dollars, MCSO resources, and posse/rodeo funds.

I successfully used all rodeo funds to my advantage ensuring that the funds was not diverted to support the MCSO.

I successfully trained legislators on how to perform their jobs.

I successfully trained the road deputies every single day with the exception of the days I was forced to work in the office during the difficult times of terminating and disciplining sheriff's office employees, or when I was out of town on the rodeo scene.

I successfully made it through another year without receiving one single ethics violation.

I successfully talked a cold blooded killer out of a semi-truck using a little nip of gin.

I successfully constructed a 24/7 special needs pod for inmates with behavioral medicine requirements and ensured the pod was equipped with highly trained 24/7 medical personnel.  

I successfully ensured that I had a minimum of one corrections officer per pod to manage the jail working 24/7 shifts without getting caught by Southern Poverty Law Group.

My ability to manage the MCSO budget allowed me to refrain from taking out another Title Loan.  Thanks goes to all of the citizens of Morgan County who don't care how their money is spent.

Last but not least we had a one hundred percent audit of all sheriff's office financials.  Our financial audits were 100 percent accurate again.

Thank you very much for your support...

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