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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Resignation of Corporal Karen Davis

Folks, this is truly a sad day.  Corporal Karen Davis submitted her resignation to the MCSO on March 22, 2016.  We believe Corporal Davis began her carrier with the MCSO in 2002.  Corporal Davis loved her job.

Before we go any further we thought it would be important for you to know that Angela Hundley was terminated a couple of days after she reported her 3rd occurrence of cancer to the MCSO.  Angela blamed Larry Berzett for her termination.  Angela and Corporal Davis are twin sisters.  We got to know Angela, she fought hard to overcome her cancer in hopes of getting her job back.  Unfortunately, Angela lost her battle and succumbed to the disease.  It is also important to note that Angela and Karen are people of color.

One thing was evident to Angela, Larry Berzett did not care for her.  We have complaint after complaint that Berzett does not follow proper protocol.  We have heard that when you get on Berzett's wrong side he will break any and all procedures to get his way.

Back to Corporal Davis.  You may recall we blogged on Corporal Davis previously.  Corporal Davis is the commissary worker who cooked a turkey during the holidays in the jail kitchen and was written up a few months later.  We also heard of incidents of Berzett yelling at Corporal Davis, embarrassing her in front of visitors.  There is far more to this story than meets the eye.  Corporal Davis was a long term employee who did not have problems with any of her peers.  We understand that Corporal Davis was the employee of Warden Bradley and not Larry Berzett.  We tried to contact the Warden Bradley about the resignation of Corporal Davis but was unsuccessful in our efforts to speak with him prior to posting the blog.

We feel strongly that since Bradley was the first line supervisor of Corporal Davis it would be inappropriate for us to speak to Larry Berzett.  In addition, where the heck was Bradley when all of this stuff was going on.  Did Bradley agree with how his employee was being treated?  We would love to speak to Bradley.  Isn't Bradley also a person of color?   How many people of color now work for the MCSO?

Larry is there a reason why you transferred a long term employee from the job position they held for years into a position directly under your control?  Isn't it true that your wife Pam Berzett also works for the sheriff's office now?  Isn't it true that you recently moved the female corrections officer that repeatedly tazed an inmate who was on the floor to the clerks office?  Great punishment for the tazing.  Didn't you allow the male corrections  officer who repeatedly tazed two inmates to resign vice being terminated.

We hope that someday we will get an answer to some of these questions.  In the meantime another corrections officer is out of a job.

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