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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Punishment for Taser Incident - CORRECTION -


We recently reported that Andrea Whisenant tazed an inmate three times.  We were incorrect on that statement.  Our contacts told us that Corrections Officer Whisenant tazed an inmate that was on the ground and completely compliant.  The question is the same.  Why would you do that when the person is on the ground and compliant?

Folks, we are not perfect.  We will make mistakes.  Once we realize a mistake or misstatement has been made we will correct it.

Andrea Whisenant received a very stern disciplinary action from Sheriff Ana Franklin after tasing an inmate three times while the inmate was on the floor. Ms. Whisenant was moved to the clerks office.  This punishment is just terrible.  Terrible I say.  Now Ms. Whisenant will be forced to work the day shift.   However corrections officer Justin Nau was terminated.

Officer Sherman was recently allowed to resign or be terminated.  We were told that the reason Sherman is no longer with the Sheriff's office is because he was leaking information to the mcwb.  We reached out to Sherman but he refused to speak to us.  Wrong again Ana.

If Franklin continues to have her employees resign, terminate, or be fired eventually she will have no employees to work with.

Many of the qualified employees are now gone to include Ms. Kathy Brewer.  

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