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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Priceville Partners aka Title Marts

The below comments are from a person who claims to have stumbled across our blog this morning.

I have been reading your blog since stumbling across it this morning. I am interested in the Performance, Title mart, Priceville partners saga. I worked for those guys for about 5 months, I could go into a rather lengthy e Mail on my opinion of the people there, but that would serve no useful purpose. It seems your articles are somewhat biased and leans toward making Harold Jeffreys a victim.  Let me assure you he is no victim, he was aware of every transaction that took place, the majority of the investors were his family recruited by him. I am also confused as to how he could have been making loans to Steenson when he owned (the majority after Ben Jeffreys had to give up his ownership over a DUI) the company. I think you would call that an investment in his own company.  And if you check carefully you will find that Harold Jeffreys not Priceville Partners is the sole owner of Title Mart.  It always seemed to me that he created that entity to take advantage of underprivileged citizens, all the while bragging about what he was doing.  He would recruit investors by promising them big returns on their money, and also promising them that he was personally guaranteeing the loan. I bet they would disagree now, you should contact some of them. My guess is you guys have been given bad information and had to print what you have been furnished. Maybe this will open some eyes.

MCWB Comments:

According to the Alabama Business Entity website Harold Jeffreys is 60 percent owner of Priceville Partners, LLC and Greg Steenson has 40 percent ownership.  Maybe the state is wrong.  Harold Jeffreys seems to make modifications and changes to the ownership as he finds discrepancies and issues.  Please provide us proof that Harold Jeffreys is the sole owner of the Priceville Partners, LLC and we will be happy to post the information on our blog.....

We have spoken to Mr. Jeffreys family members and their views differ dramatically from yours.  However, we really enjoy the debate.  If you went into a lengthy email on the people, there it would definitely serve a useful purpose for us.  We are not the least bit biased towards the Jeffreys, Steven Ziaja, Ana Franklin, the Layton's, or the Family of Jeffreys who invested in the dealership.  Jeffreys may or may not be a victim.  We have Jeffreys who has never been charged with, or convicted of, a crime who invested a lot of money.  We have Ben Jeffreys who was removed from ownership for whatever reason.  We have Jeffreys with 60 percent ownership and Greg Steenson with 40 percent ownership.  We have some of Jeffreys relatives who entered and invested into the dealership with Jeffreys with eyes wide open.  We have Greg Stevenson, a convicted felon who spent 4 years in federal prison.  Steenson is a cousin to Sheriff Ana Franklin.  Franklin borrowed 5,000.00 from the title loan company in 2013 and then became an investor in 2014.  Some claim that Ana invested upwards of 400,000.00.  Franklin claims she has known Jeffreys for several years.  We know for damn sure she knew Steenson.  Heck! If you trust the sheriff you sure as heck can trust her cousin, right?  The million dollar question is did Ana Franklin borrow 5K from the dealership in 2013?  Did Ana Franklin receive a campaign donation from the dealership in 2014?  Did Ana Franklin subsequently invest several hundred thousands into the dealership?  Did Steven Ziaja invest 846,000.00 into the dealership?  Once you answer all these questions then you need to ask yourself who signed off on the promissory notes for the Layton's, Ziaja, and Franklin?  We know who signed the notes for Jefferys family.  Harold Jeffreys did.  We have a tendency to research our information.  If Franklin, Ziaja, and the Layton's have authentic information we don't they can always share their info.  Do we believe that these folks are victims?  Hell no.  However, if they are we will be the first to apologize in the courthouse square for our distrust.  Maybe I actually came from the "show me" state.  Missouri for you folks who do not know who the "show me" state is....

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