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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Polly Ana or Polygraph Ana

Folks hold on for the ride because I think things are going to get interesting.  

Did the Daily do a personal interview just for Ana?  Is the Decatur Daily conducting their own investigation?  Has the Daily seen any of the so called Promissory Notes?  Has the Daily talked to the other investors?  Maybe they should. Get the handwriting specialist ready.

Ana said she put her hard earned retirement and savings in after Ziaja did.  What retirement?  The four years worth as a Sheriff? What savings?  How does someone go from borrowing $5,000.00 from the Title Mart in 2013 to an investor of $150,000.00 dollars.  Ziaja's last investment was October 17, 2015 for $526,000.00.  When did Ana invest?

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