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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Performance Autos, Titles, and All In the Family

It appears that a lot of the folks who have purchased vehicles from Performance Auto/Title Marts are looking for their titles.

How long does it take for the court to make decisions which would allow some of the poorest of the poor to resolve their car title issues?

All of the law suits are well and good for the people who are fighting to recover the money they lost.  Poor people cannot afford to lose the $3,000 to $8,000 they put into the vehicles they purchased.  There is a reason why most people buy pay as you go vehicles and it isn’t because they want to.  Most of these folks have little to no credit and little to no money.

The poor people around the state of Alabama deserve their Title.

None of this explains how a Bucket Truck that was purchased at the Title Mart by Sheriff Ana Franklin for $4,200.00 ended up in the Morgan County Commission’s name.  Nor, does it explain why Sheriff Ana Franklin borrowed $5,000.00 from the Title Mart in 2013.  It should be noted that Franklin borrowed the money from Performance Auto Sales before her boyfriend Steven Ziaja partnered with Greg Steenson.

No known connection folks but Felton and Doris Woodard who are now dead were the aunt and uncle of Greg Steenson.  Greg’s mother was Sandra Woodard.  She was the daughter of Harold Woodard of Hillsboro, Alabama.  Was Sandra Woodard Steenson (Greg Steenson’s mother) related to Sheriff Ana Woodard Franklin?  Does that make Greg Steenson and Ana Woodard Franklin related?  

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