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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Move Out

Several of the MCSO employees are interested in knowing exactly what the chattel deputies do all day.  It sounds like they have become the Maytag repairmen who just sit by the phone and wait for calls of distress.

As you know Franklin purchased two trucks for the sole purpose of assigning two of her finest, and we do mean her finest as first responders.  These two fearless lawmen are rapid responders to all urgent "livestock in the road" calls.  

The question is how many calls come in on a daily basis involving livestock in the road?  It must be exhausting for the fearless duo to heard a bunch of goats.  Does that make them goat ropers? 

We have also heard stories of seeing the fearless duo chasing armadillos across Highway 31 just north of Hartselle.  

We would like to encourage the two not to let the stress get to them.  There is always help.

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