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Monday, March 28, 2016

Morgan County Sheriff's Office Rodeo Pageant Held Saturday March 26, 2016 at The Natures Trail Church - Church TRASHED

Folks the MCSO Posse held their Rodeo Pageant at the Natures Trail Church this past Saturday.  We understand from some concerned members of the church that it was TRASHED.  The church does not charge for the use of their facility.  Some simple rules apply but that is reasonable.

One of the primary rules is that the sound system must not be unplugged or tampered with.  Sheriff Ana Franklin personally unplugged the sound system.  The sound system was not even reconfigured back to it's original position.

We are told that the hardwood floors have gouges in them, hay was all over the floor, and food was strewn, around.  

What really makes this blog sad is that this happened the day before Easter Sunday.  Imagine the Sunrise Service congregation's surprise when they entered the church.  Imagine what all of the many visitors though when they arrived to find the Church is such disarray.

Franklin, stand up and take responsibility and pay for the damages to the church.  Write a letter of apology to the pastor and the congregation.      

It is obvious Sheriff Ana Franklin has no respect for the rules of the church.  That does not surprise us; she has no respect for the law.

The people and pastor of Natures Trail Church are forgiving and will forgive and forget.  This is exactly why Franklin ignored the Church Clauses and did what she darn well pleased.  Was there liquor behind the scene at the church Ana? 

This is just one more reason to boycott her money making events that are taking the hard earned dollars of the people of Morgan County.

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