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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Morgan County Sheriff's Office Employees

Key employees are retiring as soon as they are eligible for retirement.  Others are resigning, resigning prior to being fired, or being fired.  The jail is working with minimal staff which is dangerous to both the corrections officers and the inmates.

One senior clerk will be retiring at the end of March.  Another senior clerk was terminated just prior to the holiday season 2015.  Both of the senior clerks were very knowledgeable and highly trained employees, leaving a void in the knowledge base. Who are their replacements?  What training do they have, other than OJT?

Other senior clerks have had their positions scrutinized with forensics audits.  When will sheriff Franklin realize that the reason we receive the information coming to us is because of her lack of leadership, inability to or desire not to perform her sworn duties?  

The employees of the MCSO deserve better than this. The sheriff has spent so much money and time on the posse/rodeo that she allowed the MCSO to become ineffective.  The sheriff has ignored her staff and her position way to long.  It is time for the MCSO employees to be redirected into a more positive and stable environment with a strong leader.

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