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Friday, March 4, 2016

Morgan County Sheriff's Office Awards Presented at the Elks Lodge

Congratulations to all of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office employees for the recognition they received at last night's awards ceremony.

We will never take anything away from the hardworking dedicated employees of the Sheriff's office.  These folks deserve far more than a piece of paper.  They go to work every single day with absolutely no leadership from their Commander in Chief.  

The lack of yearly pay raises, bonuses, and simple on-the-spot cash awards for small amounts of money for a job well done would boost morale and give the employees the incentive to increase job performance.  Many of these folks are long term employees and their numbers are shrinking fast.  

There was no photographer taking pictures last night.  However, JP did take the liberty to take pictures as people received their awards.

It is a disgrace that Monday - Thursday this week Franklin was a no show sheriff.  Yet, she was able to make it to the Elks Lodge for the awards.

How can Franklin successfully plan an award ceremony from long distance.  You can bet she will be her perky self  for the rodeos.

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