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Saturday, March 26, 2016

More Coming and Going From the Morgan County Commission Minutes

Morgan County Commission Minutes

March 10, 2016 
 Karen Sparks, Sheriff 
Mark E. Garland, Sheriff


Christopher Collier, Sheriff 
Jonathan Raper, Sheriff 
Stephen Gleim, Sheriff 
Sabrina Smith, Sheriff

Not yet added to this list is as follows:

Kathy Brewer, Sheriff'
Deputy Sherman, Sheriff
Corporal Davis, Sheriff

So! Does this mean that Sheriff Ana Franklin is losing employees at a ratio of  7 leaving to 2 new hires.  Does that mean that seven qualified employees are out and two unqualified employees are hired?  Isn't that what Franklin wants?  We believe that Franklin's goal is to get as many unqualified employees as she can on the rolls.  That way no qualified persons will know what she is up too. I dare say that most of the new employees hired by Berzett have never seen the Sheriff.  We recommend all new employees go to the for guidance upon being hired for a position with the MCSO.  You will see more of Sheriff Ana Franklin on our  blog than you will at the sheriff's office.

The sheriff terminated one of her most valuable clerks on the rolls just prior to the holidays. Thank you Ana for firing an employee prior to the holidays to help fulfill your greedy desires.  Who's watching?   

Franklin has forced many more qualified employees out the door to include Kathy Brewer and Corporal Davis.  How many more qualified employees has to leave the sheriff's office before someone makes a stand?

For some reason Karen Sparks, the new employee's name, rings a bell in my mind.  I will do some research and find out why?  Folks, we beg you to watch the food fund and protect the prisoners' rights to food.  The inmates' punishment is being in jail.  Don't let another corn dog fiasco happen in Morgan County, Alabama. 

Greg Bartlett should be ashamed of himself.  A day in jail is not enough.  It is not enough for anybody who sets out to steal a poor man's dollar.  Ana are you listening?  We doubt it.  Ana has more important things to do than feed the inmates such as jumping out of planes for fun, spending time in booger holler with an acquaintance, cooking pigs, rodeo/posse events, purchasing new gear for her horses, cleaning up the 70K horse trailer she can't drive without backing it into a utility pole, and well, you get the picture.

We almost want to say Sheriff Ana who?  We know who she is.  She need not identify booger as an quittance.  Have you noticed when the heat is up Ana runs to booger?  Why is that?  Does booger have any money left?  We would think that after hitting his bank account for 846K he would be sitting at one of the local discount stores with a cup in hand asking for donations.

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