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Monday, March 7, 2016

MCATS service, Morgan officials need improvement

To The Daily: While County Commission Chairman Ray Long brags on how well he and the commissioners are doing their jobs, and for the most part they seem to be, in my assessment, they get a huge F with the MCATS service that is provided.

While service has been cut because of budget restraints that affects riders in Priceville and Somerville, it bothers me Mr. Long fails to mention shortcomings in his speech such as this service which affects our senior citizens. When one brags on the job that is being done, be honest and make note of the problems such as MCATS and what needs to be done to fix that problem.
MCWB Comments:
As is in most cases our elderly, youth, and special needs often get the back side of the deal.  We hope Mr. Long will see our blog and get this problem fixed.  Remember! If we live long enough we will be senior citizens.  Not all senior citizens are lucky enough to have family who can assist them.

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