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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Leadership Rules

It appears that each of the leaders working for the MCSO has there on set of rules and agenda.

We have noticed that Chief Deputy Mile Corley seems to spend more and more time at his wife's diner in Eva, Alabama and catching the scene at the Cullman County, cattle sales every Thursday.  

We see Corley spending hours at the Eva Diner chewing the fat with the locals.  Driving his fancy truck.  Which brings us to another question?  If Corley is the Chief Deputy why does he need a truck made for a Texan to run around in?  

Is Corley using his work truck to hall cattle back and forth to the cattle sale?  

We have several pictures of Corley hard at work on the blog but apparently he has way to much time on his hands these days.  He has been taking lessons from Ana longer than Ana has been in office.  To late to discipline him now.  

It is probably more fun to pick on a lady of color working on Thanksgiving day, cooking a turkey for her family than punishing one of the chosen.  Let's not forget the corrections officer whose wife is going through cancer treatment, the deputies with inadequate equipment to work with, the clerks whose equipment needs to be replaced before it crashes, .

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