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Monday, March 28, 2016

Law enforcement officials' investment choice questionable

To The Daily: While the editorial staff at The Daily takes time to criticize the city of Decatur with its selection process for the chief of police, I find it unusual nothing has been written about two law enforcement officials: one a sheriff, the other a friend and state investigator doing business with a convicted felon.
Moreover, not only did they invest in a used car business being operated by the convicted felon, it was a business that also engaged in title loans. Title loan businesses prey on poor desperate people, and The Daily has in the past taken a critical stance against such businesses. Is this the type of conduct we expect from law enforcement officers? Consorting with and engaging in business with a convicted felon? Should they be investing in a business that is considered a legal loan shark business for the lack of a better term? No they should not.
We expect more from our law enforcement officers, especially our elected ones. But these facts have been ignored and have flown way under the radar, and as a citizen I am left to wonder why?
Charles "C.W." McCall


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