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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Law enforcement deserves respect

Every time I go to the Decatur Daily on line this editorial pops up. Since it may be an omen we decided to respond to Mr. Gowen in regards to law enforcement deserving respect.  I don't say this often but I believe that the Decatur Daily is more than fair to law enforcement.   I don't know the specific incident he is referring to but it sure as heck is not Ana Franklin.  The Daily should be on Franklin for ethics, fraud, waste, and abuse, abuse of power, EEOC violations, lies, and deception to name a few of her antics. However, the Daily has not reported on any of the information they have been given.  On the other hand let one of her employees shoot a guy in the butt and they are all over it.  Let Franklin issue Deputy ID cards to Lynn and Jeff Layton and the Daily runs like a scalded dog.  The Daily will report on individual deputies; they just don't want to piss off Franklin.  The question is why?  We have given the Daily enough investigative information in this Blog alone to keep them busy until next election.   
To The Daily: “Our View” in the Feb. 21 Decatur Daily should have read, “Transparency Best Policy for the Decatur Daily.”
It is apparent the Daily has little regard or respect for any law enforcement agency in the Valley. I know of no pressure applied by the general public on law enforcement to divulge information relative to enforcement actions — except by The Daily, which files a lawsuit when it does not get what it wants, when it wants it!
Why does The Daily have the authority to determine when the release of information is timely or who appointed the editor as judge and jury in determining that disclosure is too slow (for whom — The Daily?) or it could have been “released more quickly.” What is a “reasonable amount of time” to The Daily? Two hours, two days, two weeks?
In this case, the family did come forward (with their lawyer). Anytime law enforcement does not meet The Daily’s timelines, it is said it is due to “secretiveness” of the agencies and when factual information is released,The Daily’s articles characterize the information as “appearing” to justify the officer’s actions.
Law enforcement actions do not cause “citizens to become suspicious.” The Daily does that with its slanted articles that imply law enforcement are the bad guys. Talk about trust: The Daily does more to instill distrust of law enforcement than any agencies’ actions could ever do.
Our citizens do not demand perfection in law enforcement, but The Decatur Daily advocates perfection in every article involving law enforcement and appears not to understand or appreciate that law enforcement is “difficult and dangerous” work. Where is the transparency in your reporting, or are you simply interested in selling newspapers?
Don Gowen


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