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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Is the Morgan County Sheriff Playing Games

We blogged on CPL Davis resignation from the MCSO a couple of weeks ago.  The information we were given reflects that CPL Davis felt she could no longer work under the conditions that faced her each day upon entering the sheriff's office.  CPL Davis worked for the MCSO commissary for several years. When CPL Davis resigned Franklin moved CPL Carrico a white corrections officer into her position in the commissary.

Isn't it interesting that Franklin was notified by the EEOC yesterday that they had received a complaint of discrimination and now Franklin is busy moving Staton, a black corrections officer, into the commissary position.  Our sources tell us that this is for looks only, that CPL Carrico will continue to be in charge of the Kitchen and will still be placing the orders.

Sheriff, do you really think the EEOC is that stupid?  

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