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Friday, March 18, 2016

From One of our avid readers


It is a shame that this blog and the DAILY are not hitting on key facts of the car lot debacle.  Nothing has been said about title loans.  Title loans take advantage of the poor and is nothing more than legal loan sharking.  We have two law enforcement agents investing in this type of business?  No one is talking about this.  Is the ALEA investigating Ziaja?  Is the ethics commission involved?  Why are the Laytons investing in a used car lot?  The Laytons and the Sheriff, connect all the dots.  If the DAILY isn't going to do it why doesn't this blog?

Folks,  we have posted on the economic effect the Title Loans have on the poor.  To us the Title Marts may be legal loan sharks but to the poor with no credit and no other ability to obtain vehicles, they can be a life saver.  Many of those poor folks are worried about how they will obtain their titles once they have paid their vehicle off. To those who purchased vehicles, hold on to your vehicle and continue to make your payments.  You will get your title. 

Some of the people involved in the dealership are honest hard working people who invested their own money into the business.  

When you are dealing with a person like Steenson who confesses his sins and claims he has changed his ways, he is kind to the sheriff who invested, along with her boyfriend who invested, many of the poor people trusted these folks to do the right thing.  Unfortunately, not all of the owners were informed on all of the dirty business going on.

The three law enforcement officers involved in the Title Marts should have been the investigators who let people know that something nefarious was going on.

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