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Monday, March 7, 2016

Forensic Computer Audit

Why did Franklin have a forensic specialist from the state come in and audit some of the MCSO computers?

We can assure Franklin that none of our contacts would demean nor lower their standards enough to use office equipment for their own personal use.  Especially when sending information to the mcwb.

The employees have integrity, reliability, work selflessly for the MCSO, donate their own time to the cause, and care about the MCSO.  They respect the position of sheriff.  There is a difference in respecting the sheriff and respecting the position of sheriff.

One more thing on the ceremony last week and we will zip it.  Did you folks notice that last years ceremony was mandatory?  That mean you should have been paid for your time.  This year it was RSVP.  We wonder as we wonder why this year was RSVP? 

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