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Friday, March 11, 2016

Excerpts from Sheriff Ana Franklin's Candidate and Elected Official Campaign Finance Report Summary Form 1 and 2

Sheriff Ana Franklin claims she didn't know Greg Steenson when she invested in the Title Marts.  Her investment came in June 2015 when she took inmate food funds to invest in the Title Mart.  Greg Steenson gave sheriff Franklin a campaign donation in 2014.

Folks I would like for you to look at exhibit 1, Summary Form 1, and Form 2, Contributions.  Please view the last contributor at the bottom of the page.

I apologize if the print is a little fuzzy but the name at the bottom of Form 2 is Priceville Partners, LLC.  The campaign donation Ana Franklin received from Priceville Partners, LLC was $1,500.00.  

According to the Decatur Daily article in yesterday's paper Sheriff Ana Franklin invested $150,000.00 into the Title Marts.  Does this mean that the sheriff just racked up another ethics violation?

According to the Daily, Franklin said she has known Jeffreys for a long time and knew his reputation as a good businessman when she used money from her savings and her retirement for the loan.  She went on to say she knew Steenson had "prior issues", but did not know Steenson was part owner of the company when she made the loan. 

Steven Ziaja invested his first $100,000.00. with Steenson on December 1, 2014.  The second investment Ziaja made was on February 18, 2014, for an additional $20,000.00.   In between the time Ziaja made his first investment and his second investment to the partnership, Franklin requested and received a $1,500.00 donation from a check most likely written by Greg Steenson.  In addition, Steven Ziaja was working at the dealership along with Greg Steenson.   It is hard to believe that Ana Franklin did not know that Greg Steenson was part owner of Priceville Partners, LLC.  

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  1. It is my understanding that the Sheriff in Morgan County is under the RSA Retirement Systems of Alabama. In the daily article the sheriff mentions she used retirement funds and savings for the money she invested. You cannot borrow money nor withdraw from RSA retirement.

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