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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Dear Deputy Joey Coburn

Can you answer this question from one of our readers.  Please make it a very good explanation.  I was in Falkville yesterday afternoon just before 4:00 p.m. Oh! I was also on highway 31.  After you answer the questions below of a concerned parent maybe you can tell me why you left in such a hurry?  Surely, you didn't think that your behavior would not go unnoticed.

Did you see the accident that happened just as you left harassing the teenager? Did you stop at the accident? Too time consuming?   Easier to pick on a fifteen year old teenager isn't it?  You may have been gone by the time the accident happened.

Please read the below comments from a concerned parent:

My son was pulled over in Falkville yesterday by Morgan County Sheriff's Deputy Joey Coburn. My son had just dropped off his Grandmother after he and a famiily friend had taken her to the Birmingham Zoo. Officer Coburn orfered my 15 year old son out off the car, put him up against the car, made him empty his pockets and searched him. He then questioned him as to his actions of the day. All this in front of his Grandmother's house. After Falkville Officer Childers arrived on the scene and my son's Grandmother came out of her house, Officer Coburn released my son. He was never told why he was pulled over. My son is 15 and we live in NC but I was raised in Falkville. My son was shook up by the actions of the deputy. He was ordered out off the car without being told why. I know there are a lot of drugs in Morgan County so when you see a teenager driving, you see a good bust. My son is a couple off weeks away from getting his Eagle Scout Award. Ben Franklin said "Those who would sacrifice essential liberty for temporary safety deserve neither liberty not safety." Deputy Coburn - Go fish somewhere else, stay out of Falkville. Would still love to know why you pulled my son. You should have explained it to him or at least made up something. Bad Stop, Bad Police Work. Protect and Harass .....

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