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Monday, March 28, 2016

Dash Cams

Folks, we have heard from the local attorneys that their client's story about what happens at the scene of arrests made by the Morgan County Sheriff's deputies and the stories told by the arresting officers are as different as day and night.  We also get independent stories from individuals who describe what happened when they were arrested. Most of the complaints fall on deaf ears in the courtrooms.

The court in most cases rules in favor of the State. Who is listening to the complaints by attorneys and individuals?  Surely, the judges and the DA AKA State knows that where there is smoke there is fire.

The attorneys and individual citizens in Morgan County who have testified to their side of the story of events that occurred during stops and arrests can't all be lying.  All of the inconsistencies can't be made up.  There is a good reason Franklin refuses to purchase lapel and dash cameras.  None of the reasons are to protect the good deputies and the deputies rights.  None of the reasons are to protect anybody but Sheriff Ana Franklin.  When Franklin sleeps at night her dreams are not about gum drops. Franklin's dreams and nightmares are about protecting her butt from Federal Lawsuits.  

Sheriff Ana Franklin is a coward.  She has ignored her fiduciary responsibilities as sheriff, she has ignored the needs of the citizens of Morgan County, Alabama, she has ignored the needs of the MCSO, she has ignored employee's rights, she has underpaid employees for over four years, she has invested in Title Marts with her cousin who just happens to be a felon, she has borrowed money from Title Marts, and has received campaign donations from the Title Marts.  Sheriff Franklin should have a cell in the Morgan County Jail right next door to the deputy that beat the crap out of the guy who was handcuffed to a jail cell.

Last but not least she has no problem TRASHING churches the day before Easter Sunday.

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