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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Steven Ziaja's Investment in the Title Marts Along with Sidekick Sheriff Ana Franklin

The Daily states that Ziaja loaned the Title Marts $504,999.54, yet the Probate Judge's online records reflect that as of December 23, 2015, Ziaja had $846,000.00 dollars worth of notes probated. There were four notes in all. 

December 1, 2014, promissory note was for $100,000.00.  The first promissory note states that Ziaja was to get 50% of the profit.  
January 9, 2015, promissory note was for $20,000.00
March 27, 2015, promissory note was for $200,000.00
October 17, 2015, promissory note was for $526,000.00

Does mean that Steven Ziaja was paid back 341,000.46 plus 30% for each dollar at $102,300.14.  Does that mean that Ziaja received $443,300.60, and that the auto dealerships still owe him $504,999.54?

Did Sheriff Ana Franklin invest more than $150,000.00?  Did she receive any returns on investments made prior to the $150,000.00? This stuff is confusing for those of us that make it from payday to payday.

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