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Monday, March 7, 2016

Awards Ceremony

We understand Franklin is a little miffed that we were at the ceremony event.  No you did not see us.  We did not and do not wish to take away from the hard working men and women of the Sheriff's office.  They deserve far better than a sheriff that never comes to work unless there is a gala event, termination, or disciplinary action.  Stop blaming your staff for our abilities to know what is going on in the Sheriff's Office. 

When you consistently ignore the needs of your employees and then come together to give out awards, then give them awards that they will really appreciate.  Sure it is great to receive deputy of the year awards and other such awards, but had she not wasted so much money, she could equip the deputies and her staff with the gifts that keep on giving.

Franklin has wasted more more on horses, saddles, bridles, gowns, travel, subcontractors, and so much more that she should be embarrassed to walk into the Elks Lodge without true monetary awards for the employees.  

The same goes for the rodeo/posse events.  It is not easy for the teachers of the special needs kids to gather all of the special needs equipment these kids need together and get them to the rodeo grounds.  The kids enjoy it.  All foods, drinks, and other perks are donated.  Franklin suffers very little out of pocket.  Ask the teachers, parents, and caregivers what they really need.  Most will tell you a wheelchair for Johnny, supplies, money, etc.  The proceeds that are made should go to the special needs of the children, caregivers, and the schools.  This is not what is happening.

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