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Friday, March 11, 2016

Ana Franklin and Greg Steenson's Family Relationship

Living in the same town, family reunions, family funerals, and the like. We are pretty sure Miss Ana has known Greg Steenson for a very long time.  Since Steven Ziaja and Ana Franklin have been together since her split from Charley Turner, it stands to reason that they would have talked about their intent to invest with Greg Steenson in the Title Marts.  

See the relationship below provided by an expert researcher:

                                                        John Woodard Sr

John Woodard Jr                                   Siblings                            Archibald Woodard
Jerry Woodard                                     1st Cousins                        William L. Woodard
Harold Woodard                                   2nd Cousins                      Emmett Woodard
*Sandra Woodard                                 3rd Cousins                       William L. "Woody" 
Steenson (mother of
Greg Steenson)                                    4th Cousins                        Ana Woodard Franklin

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