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Saturday, March 26, 2016

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We must take the time to say thank  you to our readers.  We are not about entertainment.  We hope that in some small way our readers will start asking questions about the leadership in Morgan County, Alabama and what they can do to make changes in our community.

Speaking of hope we had high hopes when we voted Sheriff Ana Franklin into office.  We were not expecting a calendar gal.  Speaking from a woman's prospective and being a professional I for one was proud that we had come a long way baby.  We southerners had finally reached a stepping stone.  We realized that a woman could do anything a man can do, sometimes better.  I still believe in that philosophy just not this woman.

We women of Morgan County, Alabama believe in being a diverse unity.  Make a difference.  Show our strengths.  We never realized we would go from being respected to being a pin up calendar.  Sheriff Ana Franklin was absolutely a great looking you woman. Ana let the good times roll.   As she matured and become serious about being the first woman to run and win her election for sheriff in Morgan County, Alabama we had high hopes for diversity.

Folks, that didn't happen exactly the way we thought it would.  Instead of strong leadership we got a pin up calendar gal.

Ana Woodard Franklin back in the day.

   Ana Franklin for Sheriff of Morgan County Alabama

Ana Franklin Hard at Work.  Commander in Chief of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office in 2012.

Since late 2012 This has been Sheriff Ana Franklin's Job.  Franklin's primary purpose and goals is to write, maintain, and manage the Morgan County Rodeo Manual.  The manual was written in part to ensure all of the proceeds from fundraisers goes into the pockets of the posse funds, so that the funds could be used at the sheriff's pleasure with no oversight, and to ensure all posse members know their role and responsibilities as being a full fledged posse/rodeo member.  Franklin forgot about the specials needs, and her commitment to ensuring the proceeds from events would go toward the Morgan County Special Needs and the MCSO.

The posse members gear, saddles, and attire, is complements of the MCSO Posse Funds and the MCSO Accounts.  Only the best for Ana and friends.

Thank to all of the citizens of Morgan County, Alabama for allowing Ana to purchase all of the high dollar equipment for their horses, attire, and outfits for the rodeo/posse.  We hope to someday see the good Franklin has done for the special needs victims of Morgan County, Alabama and the Morgan County Sheriff's Office.  

Below Pic and comments are From Ana Franklin's Facebook.  Wonder who paid for Ana to Jump out of a plane?  Ziaja, Governor Bentley, Ex-ALEA Director Collier, or Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange?  What difference does it make.  My favorite quote from Hillary Clinton.  Are you sure Ana isn't a democrat?  She looks a lot like Sheriff Blakely.....

Best day ever !! Best tandem instructor !! Brandon Moore is the bomb !! I survived jumping out of the plane y'all !!!! Huge shout out to Skydive Alabama! This wasn't on my bucket list - but I would so recommend doing it !! The folks there are great and I'm so glad I went !! Tons of fun !!

Ana looking all refreshed from another hard days night.  Working like a dog.  Whoops! Don't tell Bones.

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