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Monday, February 8, 2016

Why Franklin? This is Black History Month we have lots of questions for Franklin Franklin could answer a few questions if she is in town....

Why wasn't corrections officer Collier (a white man) disciplined for tasing a young black woman three times while she was in the drunk tank approximately two months ago?

Approximately 10 days ago corrections officer Collier (same Collier, a white man) tased another inmate three times (a black man).  Yet you allowed him to resign.  Is this why the DA and your attorney were in your office?  You would have thought they would recommend termination.  What happened?

Why was Collier (a white man) allowed to resign last week vice being terminated for his conduct?  Why was corrections officer William Wilson (a white man) allowed to resign after being accused of making inappropriate comments to a female corrections officer (both white)? 

Why was corrections officer Towns (a black man) who fell asleep on the job terminated for falling to sleep while Collier tasked two black people and allowed to resign.

Why were corrections officers Hundley and Johnson (black man and black woman) fired as corrections officers?  They did far less than your common law son-in-law Jonathan Stebbins (a white man) who was allowed to resign w/o proper notice after being arrested multiple times for contempt of court and burglaries?

Why was the black correction officer who cooked a turkey for Thanksgiving written up in January for an incident that happened in November? 

History.  We are told that your predecessor charged a fee to employees who brought their turkeys in to cook.  Being money hungry, we thought you would jump on that.  Guess it isn't as lucrative as the posse.

Why was corrections officer Jarvis Moore (a black man) moved to courthouse security.  Was it because he refused to lie in a statement about a clerk who was terminated during the holiday season?

Why was corrections officer Melba Hayes (a black woman) placed on administrative leave for six month.  Is it because Hayes was the first line supervisor of Franklin's common law son-in-law corrections officer Jonathan Stebbins (a white man) who was allowed to resign after being arrested for contempt of court and burglary's during the six weeks he worked for you? 

Why did you promote multiple white corrections officers to 
 corporal positions without additional pay?  Can you do that?  We do not believe that you can do that.  Department of Labor frowns on that practice.  Isn't it an attempt to promote without additional pay?  Franklin, even if you pay the corporals an additional day of work per pay period you cannot do that.  News Flash!  You cannot promote employees into positions that do not exist.  This effort makes you look ignorant of the labor laws in Alabama as well as placing employees into open positions through the competitive bid process.  

Your employees have heard that we are working very hard for them.  We have spoken to many of current and previous employees.  What we are most in awe of is their honesty and goodness.  You cannot even begin to know the impact your behavior has had on these good folks.  We are not talking about your rodeo cronies.  They know who they are.  At least one of them is a thief.  Anybody who professes to be a leader and walks into a rodeo event while the money is being counted and picks up several hundred dollars and stuffs it in their pocket is a thief.  Maybe it is the way they are raised.  Probably did this kind of stuff to their family their entire life.

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