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Friday, February 12, 2016

We Care - The Citizens Care - Morgan County Elected Officials Should Care

We care about the employees who currently work for the MCSO.  We care about the employees who were forced to quit, were terminated, or fired since Franklin took office.  Many of the folks we have spoken to loved their jobs.  The pay isn't great but most of these people loved their jobs.

They deserve better.  The employees deserve to work in an environment that is not hostile.  Case in point:  Franklin came into the office yesterday around 12:00 p.m.  This rarely happens.  Is someone else in line to be terminated?  

It must have been an amazing, show stopping, for the employees to see their commander in chief walk in the sheriff's office at such an early hour.

We wonder what time the commissioners, DA, Animal Control, Board of Registrars, Circuit Court, Communications, Community Relations, Community Corrections, County Coroner, District Court etc., leadership comes to work.  We are pretty sure that most of our elected officials spend a minimum of 50 hours per week performing their work in their respective offices.

We also wonder if these elected officials are wondering how our sheriff has gotten away with being a no show sheriff with all of the horse play, nepotism, travel, favoritism, rodeo/posse, and fraud, waste, and abuse of the resources she is responsible for.  The most valuable resources of the sheriff's office should be her personnel.  This is the same personnel who are not receiving adequate training, money is not being adequately budgeted, employees are being promoted into positions that do not exist w/o receiving pay raises.  How does an elected official promote employees to corporal without an allotted position?  

More MCSO employees turned their notices in this week.  Many of the employees who are leaving do not want to see the sheriff's office that they have been so dedicated to for years destroyed by inadequate and incompetent leadership.

We would like to remind our elected officials that we need their help.  When we started the blog our philosophy was that we had to pick our battles if we wanted to win the war on corruption.  We have been more than fair to the sheriff.  Much more fair than Franklin has been to the employees of the sheriff's office, citizens of Morgan County, and the fraud, waste, and abuse of posse/rodeo funds that should have gone into specials needs donations, food banks, enhancing the needs of the sheriff's office with equipment such as lapel cameras, dash cameras, upgraded information technology equipment, enhancing road deputy equipment, enhancing the K-9 units gear, and training for all of the MCSO employees.

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