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Thursday, February 4, 2016

We are not being a smarty pants

We apologize to the folks out there who may think we are being smarty pants.  We are not.  We wonder where the money goes but get no answers.  We have submitted tons of information to the state but we were ignored.

We do not represent hatred.  We do not condone violence in any way.  Our sharpest weapon, besides our wagging tongues, happens to be pen and paper.

It is difficult for us to understand a lot of the things within the MCSO that has been going on.  Such as hiring white criminals, firing a black lady with terminal cancer, forcing another black lady out.  Placing a black lady on 6 months leave w/pay.  Franklin personally established a position for Larry Berzett, Administrator over the jail, assigning Leon Bradley as warden with nothing to do.  According to one black female, Bradley was on all of her disciplinary actions instead of Brezett.  Wonder why?  Oh yes!  Bradley is black.  What color is the lady who cooked the turkey in the jail?  You guessed it, black.  Why is it that most white folks to include the sheriff's common law son-in-law are allowed to resign?  While the black people are terminated, or moved to other positions, such as Jarvis who was removed as jailer to court house security.

We will be requesting information via the Alabama Open Records from the County Commission on these stats. One of the things we are interested in knowing is how many people of color has Franklin hired since being sworn in January 2011.  How many people of color work for the sheriff's office.  How many whites work for the sheriff's office.  How many  white people have resigned.  How many people of color have been terminated.  We will blog our stats once we  receive the information from Mr. Ray Long.

There appears to be a different standard for different people within the MCSO.  Franklin hiring friends who are non APOST certified over qualified applicants.  Franklin gives a contractor all the perks of being a MCSO employee.  Franklin gives her favorites big fancy vehicles while the road deputies and other staff scrounge for adequate resources to perform their jobs.  We have always believed that Morgan County was an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.  Last but not least how many people of color work in the drug task force?  Is there a reason why all of the task force is white?  Since we live in a racially diverse state why wouldn't you want to employee more people of color?

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