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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Title Marts

We have worked very hard to get the folks involved with the Title Marts to respond to our requests for information.  

We would love to ask Ana Franklin about her involvement.  It is very difficult to contact someone who is never in their office.  We will call her cell phone to see if she has any comments about her involvement with the Title Marts.  We will also ask her about the MCSO money used to purchase vehicles from the Decatur Title Mart AKA Performance Auto.

Every aspect of the day to day operation of the Title Marts looks suspicious.  We can't help but wonder why deputy Robinson spent so much time at the Title Marts while on duty.  Our sources say that he made the rounds at the Title Marts.

What information technology activities is JP performing for the MCSO or Franklin?  The Morgan County Sheriff's Office website hasn't been updated in approximately two years.  There are ex-employees on the website from two years ago.  Is that one of JP's other duties as assigned?  What other IT duties does JP have? 

We keep hearing about all of the promotions going on in the MCSO but where are the raises?   We have heard about several folks being promoted to Corporal positions that do not exist.

Doesn't the Morgan County Commission have to approve the promotions?  Isn't there a requirement to have approved slots prior to opening a job announcement?  How was the corporal positions announced? 

We have just about given up shaming Franklin into going to work.  The only time Franklin is energized to "work and write manuals" is when it involves the posse/rodeo.  


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