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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Title Marts Again

I know you folks are getting tired of hearing about the Title Marts but we have a few more questions for Ziaja and Steenson.  

1.  Do you own the Chelsea Title Mart in Chelsea, Alabama?  

2.  Does the person running the Title Mart in Chelsea, Alabama work with Ziaja?  We have his name and private cell phone number.  We called him.  He said he has no association with the Title Marts.  However, we have found out that he is very well known to the Title Marts.

The Title Mart issues are valued in the millions, and we mean dollars.  We can only hope that the Alabama Law Enforcement employees come out of this story unscathed.  Since we know that Ziaja AKA Ana Franklin's boyfriend is a silent partner with Steenson, we smell a rat...  The smell in Chelsea, Alabama doesn't smell much better.

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