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Friday, February 26, 2016

Title Mart Saga - As the World Turns

It appears that the Title Mart hearing was postponed again today.  Someone is objecting to the car lot's liquidation.

Ziaja now has a lawsuit because he says Steenson swindled money from him.  According to the Decatur Daily, the lawsuit is against Steenson and others; however, the paper did not reveal who the others were.  Why all of the objecting in liquidating the assets? Why a two-week delay?

Ziaja was at the car lot almost daily and all day on Saturdays.  He appeared to know what was going on.  He appeared to be a dedicated part owner of the Title Marts.  Surely, the books were readily available to him as part owner.  Each time we were there or sent someone to the car lots, Ziaja was hard at work.

It stands to reason if folks want to recoup their losses you would want to liquidate the assets, determine the total loss to each owner, and let the lawsuit war begin.

After reading that Greg Steenson went to the Federal Pen for a little over four years that probably has a lot of people involved thinking, sweating, and losing sleep at night.  Isn't it true that if one is sentenced to Federal Pen there is no timeout for good behavior?  I hope that is the case.  Because there sure has been a lot of bad behavior in this saga.

Morgan County, Alabama is a small county with all the small town gossip, small-town newspaper, with all of the small town trappings. So when an 8.5 million dollar kite scheme comes to Decatur, most folks hear about it because we are small-town America.  

Of course, Ziaja was just a young cop on the beat in 2002, with little or no law enforcement experience.  He went to Wallace Community College, obtained at least two years of education.  He has managed his inheritance well.  When Ziaja loaned two of his closest family members money, he ensured that there would be no questions as to when he expected the money back.  Always ensuring that he had his promissory notes probated.  Not that his family wouldn't pay him back; it was a just good business.   

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