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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

This Just In On Previous Blog - Correction - Posse Donation and Misuse of Morgan County Sheriff Office Resources and Personnel

Breaking News:

Getting back to the above mentioned blog posted earlier today, we just found out that once the MCSO Information Technology group finishes the layout of the posse books Franklin has the female inmates assemble the books.  Again, we do not blame the the MCSO employees.  Piss of the shurff and you may be runnoft.

We should all be offended.  Franklin can allegedly do what was once considered a mans job, yet she demeans the female inmates by having them put her little books together for the rodeos.  There may be something wrong with this picture.  

sumpin ain't rite

don't you know who I am?  Getter done....

That's more like it.  You inmates can look forward to an early release once I get back into town.

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