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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sheriff's association head calls for President to return military equipment

Franklin is attending the National Sheriff's Association conference.  Today is the final day of conference.  The government has initiated the recall of the military surplus equipment that sheriffs around the country received.  Franklin has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in military surplus equipment.

It does not necessarily concern us that we have all of this equipment at the sheriff's disposal since she is never there to make a command decision to use it, Thank God.  She and Ziaja does have a helicopter that is at her disposal. Scary.  We have watched Ziaja land the copter  a few months ago in a metropolitan area.  We searched the aviation website but could not confirm his helicopter licenses.  Again.  That is not an earth shattering surprise to us.

The National Sheriff's Association is working very hard to ensure that the equipment is not returned under President Obama's executive order 13688.

We sent a message to the National Sheriff's Association to review our blog.  We also explained our position to the National Sheriff's Association.  We believe that most sheriff's offices across the nation are not corrupt.  Most states do not allow the sheriff's to have the power that Alabama has given to our sheriffs.  Alabama laws for sheriff's offices can breed corruption if the person elected already has a history of corruption.

The National Sheriff's Association CEO and executive director has called on the President to stop the removal of surplus military equipment from communities and return equipment already taken.
Jonathan Thompson said today at least 12 sheriff's offices have had equipment seized by the federal government because, according to the President, it might "intimidate local residents."
Dozens more are expected to have equipment taken under Obama's executive order 13688, Thompson said.
“As domestic terrorism attacks in San Bernardino, Colorado Springs, Charleston, Chattanooga and yesterday’s Los Angeles school system cancellation have shown, we must remain vigilant and our communities must have all assets ready and available during this challenging time in our nation’s history," he said.  "Without these items, our communities are less safe. The President must immediately return the equipment already seized and stop this maddening and dangerous order."
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