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Monday, February 29, 2016

Sheriff Ana Franklin Is It true?

We have had multiple people tell us that Sheriff Ana Franklin was involved in the Title Marts early on.  We will ask her again if it is true that she was one of the first borrowers of the title loans that were written in Priceville.  Is it true you went from borrowing $5,000 in actually investing in the company!!

We already know that you bought a bucket truck that was a TOTAL piece of s**t for approximately $4,900 that was not operational.  

The Decatur Daily reported that Ziaja's loans were approximately 464K.  We now know that far more money went into the Title Mart pot than was realized.  If Ziaja portion of the loan was 464,299 plus interest.  Who was the other $382,000.00 in Ziaja's name for?

Our contacts asked us to ask Sheriff Ana Franklin about what she did with the $400,000.00.  Ana is there something you would like to tell us about $400,000.00 and the Title Marts?

We are not confusing this 400K with the money you intend on spending for the in-house dispatch.  

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