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Monday, February 1, 2016

Posse Donation and Misuse of Morgan County Sheriff Office Resources and Personnel

 We do not blame the corrections officers, clerks, and deputies that Ana Franklin, AKA the no-show sheriff tasks them with.  We do blame Franklin's misuse of resources as unethical.  If Franklin is required to furnish the books and the bank records are subpoenaed, we believe Franklin and her rodeo non-profit committee will be in a heap of trouble.

We just received a tip from one of our sources who observed corrections officers Andrew Justice and Barbara Lester using a Morgan County Sheriff's Office patrol car stopping at several businesses in Decatur asking businesses to buy ads to the sheriff's rodeo.

We called the sheriff's office; Hilda transferred us to the jail.  We asked the jailer to speak to Corrections Officer Justice because we wanted to purchase a rodeo ad.  We were told that Justice wasn't in but we were given his cell phone number (205) 2_6-888_.  We called the number but apparently, Justice does not answer blocked calls.

Here is what we know.  Justice is a jailer assigned to solicit rodeo ads Monday - Friday 8 hours/day (special assignment).  Isn't the sheriff's office understaffed for corrections officers?  Officer Justice was moved from the C Team night shift where he worked 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.  Corrections Officer Barbara Lester is from B team which is day shift.

We understand that this is Standard Operating Procedure for Franklin's staff.  The books are printed in-house to save money.  The MCSO makes a lot of money off the sale of the books.  They publish 500 to 700 every year.  The print service is provided by Franklin to save money and make money. 

The posse is a non-profit organization.  The sheriff cannot use MCSO assets such as printers, MCSO sedans, or other vehicles assigned to the Sheriff's Office to solicit these ads, and she certainly can't use personnel on duty to solicit ads.  Our source stopped a citizen coming out of one of the businesses and asked the citizen what the deputy was doing at that location.  The lady told our source that the sheriff's office was trying to sell ads for the rodeo.  Our source was able to witness first hand the solicitation of funds for the sheriff's rodeo at one of the businesses.

Money, Money, Money, the more I make, the more I spend.  Screw Ethics.  Don't they know who I am....?

Darn! I can't hide money in the flower arrangement that is where my video and audio feed is.  I need the flower arrangement for termination and disciplinary actions.  This little plant is the MCSO best-kept secret.  I guess I'll..........................

 That's more like it.

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