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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Performance Auto Sales AKA Title Mart - Decatur, Alabama

February 12, 2016, we reported that we observed Decatur PD at Performance Auto Sales AKA Title Mart, Decatur, Alabama.  

We visited the car lot during the time frame that the Decatur PD was talking to one of the employees.  We spoke to a sales representative about sales of the remaining vehicles on the lot.  We vaguely heard the words that transpired between the officer and the Performance representative about the titles.

So we wanted to know how many vehicle titles are missing or stolen from Performance Auto.  We contacted the DPD for answers to our questions.  DPD officer Franklin was called to Performance Auto Sales.  We took pictures of the car at the lot.  DPD told us since we are not the owner of Performance Auto Sales they could not reveal the information contained in the report.  We searched the Decatur Daily for any police report associated with the Performance Auto Sales but could not find anything associated with the car lot.

Who would have taken vehicle titles?  Where are the vehicles associated with the titles?  

More to come....

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