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Friday, February 19, 2016

Performance Auto Sales aka Title Marts

We learn more about the Title Marts and Greg Steenson every day.  A local business representative's vehicle was hit by an employee of the Performance Auto in Decatur.  We were told by the business representative that Mr. Steenson wanted to pay cash for the repairs to the vehicle.  The representative refused a cash payment and insisted that the incident is turned over to the insurance company.  It took three months for the representative to get the solution he desired.  

The business representative said that when he spoke to Steenson, he was exactly how you would expect a used car salesman to be sleazy.  When the business spoke to Steenson on the phone he said Steenson was very unpleasant to deal with.  A nasty guy so to speak.

Are we surprised?  Why did Greg Steenson insist on paying for the damages in cash?  

We know of several other businesses that Steenson purchased merchandise from using Performance Auto Sales checks to pay for his personal purchases.

What part did Steven Ziaja play in the purchases of personal goods using dealership money?  What part does Ana Franklin, MC sheriff play in the Title Marts?  When we look at all of the checks that have been written on the dealership's account, it is clearly suspicious.  How does law enforcement elected officials or state law enforcement employees to get involved with a Felon, and use Title Mart funds as if they are entitled to the money?  

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