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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Morgan County Sheriff's Office

Folks, this is what we see month after month coming out of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office. Yet our sheriff rarely comes to work.  The lack of management and morale is  obvious each time we see commission minutes that look like this.  If you look at the number of loss to gain it would be impossible to keep personnel adequately trained to continue the operation of the MCSO.   

We observed Franklin entering the MCSO building yesterday afternoon.  We can't help but wonder what that means....

Excerpts from the Morgan County Commission Minutes January 12, 2016:

Gracie Gleim, Sheriff 
David Stewart, Sheriff 
Benjamin Taylor, Sheriff 
Bobby Brooks, Sheriff 
Taylor Stevens, Sheriff  

Scott Willerton , Sheriff
Jason Meyer, Sheriff 
Dale Rueth, Sheriff 
David Dill, Sheriff 
Thomas Adcock, Sheriff 
Charles Chambers, Sheriff 
Melba Hayes, Sheriff 
Angela Shelton, Sheriff 
Karmen Collins, Sheriff 
Alexandria Berzett, Sheriff 
James Dean, Sheriff 

The below excerpts came from some informative reading that we thought you might understand if you work for the MCSO.  If Sheriff Franklin would like to know why her employees share information with us here could be a few of the reasons"

How A Bad Boss Can Make You Sick

We Judge Ourselves by our Intentions. Others Judge us based on our Behavior.

So what makes a boss a bad boss? Here are a few thoughts on how to tell if your manager falls into the “bad” category of bosses:
  • They don’t communicate a clear vision for the future
  • They selectively communicate with only a few people, leaving all others to feel devalued and left out
  • They lack enthusiasm and passion for the work the company is doing
  • They fail to inspire their employees
  • They accept mediocrity rather than motivating excellence
  • They pick and choose who they will value rather than valuing the team as a whole
  • They fail to communicate clear expectations
  • They reward based on brownnosing rather than performance and impact
  • They withhold compliments, even when a compliment has been earned
  • They attack people rather than attacking performance
  • They make decisions off rumors rather than taking time to gather appropriate facts
  • They don’t follow through on their commitments to employees
  • They fail to communicate…period
  • They fail to recognize and give credit to employees for efforts and accomplishments
  • They place blame on others rather than owning mistakes themselves
  • They are insecure with themselves which often leads to behaving mean, paranoid, and vindictive, amongst other damaging behaviors
  • They avoid difficult situations rather than handling them head on
  • They lack the courage to do the right thing
MCSO Hiring Practices.  How many times have you seen the MCSO positions listed in the minutes of the commission minutes.  I remember seeing Berzetts'?

Excerpts from the Morgan County Commission Minutes:

Job Title                           Department                          Class Code               Grade      
Accounting Clerk Community Corrections                  1310                     6 ($15.12 - $19.73) 

Mr. Randy Vest, member of the Commission, offered the following resolution and moved for its adoption. Upon the same being duly seconded by Mr. Jeff Clark, it was put to a vote and unanimously adopted to wit: 


BE IT RESOLVED by the Morgan County Commission of Morgan County, Alabama, that the Commission does hereby approve and filling the following new position: 

Job Title                           Department                         Class Code                   Grade 
Accounting Clerk            Community Corrections      1310                             6 ($15.12 - $19.73) 

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