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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

More on the Title Marts

We are not finding answers to what happened to the titles from the Title Mart AKA Performance Auto Sales.  There is a lot of money involved but no clear answers.

Titles are very much like money as many of the folks involved in the Titles Mart know.  Did someone borrow money against the Titles.  

Why hasn't the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency stepped up to the plate and initiated an investigation into Ziaja and Franklin's involvement with the business.  Why is Ana Franklin's daughter still working for the business.  Isn't there laws in regards to people in law enforcement fraternizing with Felon's?

At one time Ziaja spent a large amount of his time trying to sell cars off of his Facebook and on Craigslist.  How can Ziaja serve and protect the citizens when he is selling cars for his car lots?

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