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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

More on Steenson

We called Deputy Layton on his personal cell phone today and spoke to him briefly.  I identified myself as one of the morgancountywhistleblowers.  I then asked about his relationship with Steenson he said "no comment".

When asked about being a deputy and having possession of a Morgan County deputy's badge he said "no comment".

We are told that Deputy Layton and Steenson have been best friends for several years.  when asked about the long term friendship with Steenson,  Deputy Layton said "no comment".

When asked about his relationship in regards to the Title Marts he said "no comment" and hung up on me.

So.  Where do we go from here?  Everywhere.  Mr. Steenson has owned used car dealerships before and is well versed on setting up kite schemes according to public record.  Mr. Steenson was the middle man in a kite scheme of approximately 8.5 million dollars.  He went to prison for his actions in that particular scheme.

We would love to speak to Mr. Steenson and ask him how he set up a partnership with Steven Ziaja as a silent partner without a meeting with all of the owners.  We would like to know why he did not request a vote from all members of the partnership to ensure at least 3/4 of the owners voted their concurrence of the silent partnership.   If Ziaja paid a few hundred thousand to join the partnership where did the money go?  If Ana Franklin became a silent partner we have the same questions for the sheriff plus one additional question.  Where would a sheriff come up with 400K to join the partnership?  If the Ana Franklin did join the partnership where did the money go?

We smell a rat and we believe the known rats are Greg Steenson and Steven Ziaja.  When we find out if there are other rats involved we will post those findings as well.

We know that Steenson wrote checks to a local business.  We have not been able to talk to the owner of the business yet.  We will keep trying.

What role did each of the players have in the Title Mart's?  It is possible that many of the players believed that the business was above board.  If only Steenson, Ziaja's, and Ana Franklin was aware of the silent partnership agreement it is hard for us to believe that these three are on the up and up.  If it sounds sleazy it probably is sleazy.

We would love to speak to both of the deputy Layton's to get their spin of the Title Mart's.  We will also contact Ana Franklin and Steven Ziaja tomorrow to get a response from them. 

We realize that the Layton's have a special relationship with Ana Franklin otherwise they would not be deputies.

Happy trails....

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