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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

More Information

We reported yesterday from a lady who shared information on Greg Steenson and Steven Ziaja's partnership relationship.  The young lady who shared the inside information was at one point a very good friend to one of Franklin's daughters.  She shared specific information about the car lots that she could not have known unless someone shared the information with her.  We believe this lady to be a credible source.  She is no longer worried about sharing the information as she no longer lives in Morgan County.  Great for us....  When Franklin's daughter went to work for the car dealership it was a blessing for us.  Bragging and boosting is a business killer when someone like Ziaja hires his girlfriend's daughter, who worked first at the Hartselle Title Mart, who now works at the Priceville Title Mart, who tells her friends, who tells their friends.  Well!  You get the picture.  Our source also told us that at one point inmates were cleaning up cars at the Drug Task Force before they were moved.  She also said we should look around at all the vehicles Franklin's daughters are driving.  We wonder where they came from and who paid for them. 

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