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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Trail Blazer Secret

During our communications with a few of our sources we were told that the Chevy Trail Blazer pictured below was driven by Ms. Hattie Hampton.  Prior to Ms. Hampton driving the vehicle, it was a striped DARE vehicle.  The stickers was removed to make the vehicle look like a civilian car. 

We are told that the vehicle is still a Morgan County Sheriff's Office vehicle.  According to our sources, Franklin had the strips removed so that Dee Ann Goodwin could drive the vehicle without Franklin taking the heat. 

You dumb country bumpkin citizens will never figure this one out.  

 You may remember Dee Ann Goodwin is the MCSO commissary contractor, Franklin's best friend, posse secretary of the non-profit organization, who goes on free trips to many of the rodeos, wears MCSO attire, has a MCSO gas card, and the wife of Brian Goodwin.  Brian Goodwin was hired by Franklin.  

Our sources tell us that Brian Goodwin has an APOST certification dated in 1996 which makes him eligible for the deputy position w/o additional training.  We'll believe that when we see........

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