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Tuesday, February 2, 2016


This year several deputies have refused to sell rodeo ads for the Sheriff's rodeo.  We say, GOOD FOR THEM.  The deputies reasons are that the money obviously does not come back to the department for much-needed equipment, that the money is misused by Larry Berzett and the Sheriff and several others in the Sheriff's 'inner circle".  All the deputies see are new luxury pickup trucks being purchased and no equipment for the deputies.

Most notably no in-car cameras and body cameras for the deputies. No money for training, deputies having to fund their own training trips while they watch the Sheriff and Berzett and others on all expense paid rodeo trips to Mississippi, Texas, and Oklahoma to just name a few. Deputies have overheard both the Sheriff and Berzett say "if you don't sell rodeo ads for Mike Blakely, you will be looking for another job." Wait a doggone minute.  Isn't Blakely a Democrat?  Talk about crossing the aisle.....

So the Morgan County deputies apparently have had enough, and they are making a stand.  They do not want to ask hard working people for money for an ad that they know will be money wasted.  Good for them.  And shame on the Sheriff and Berzett.  They have created for some time a do as I say or else HOSTILE work environment, and as if law enforcement isn't stressful enough.

Through all of our talks with deputies, and all of our observations RODEOS seems to be the TOP priority in the Morgan County Sheriff's Office, not law enforcement.  Making money beyond the salary is also a top priority, and the only fund not audited by the State of Alabama in the Sheriff's Office is the Sheriff's Posse and the Sheriff's Rodeo.    So the next time your Sheriff brags about passing the State audit, ask her about her posse and rodeo funds, for you have a right to know. 

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