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Thursday, February 18, 2016

John Venegoni, Chelsea, Title Mart - Alabama Bureau of Investigations AKA Alabama Law Enforcement Agency

Folks, we have verified that John Venegoni ran the Title Mart in Chelsea, Alabama along with his wife.  They sold cars.....strictly for cash (they did not finance them).  John Venegoni is an Assistant Special Agent in charge of State Bureau of Investigations, for Narcotics.  The State Bureau of Investigations is now known as an agency under the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.  The same agency that Steven Ziaja works for.  Ziaja is also one of the silent partners in the Title Marts AKA Performance Auto Sales.

Ziaja, why didn't you leave these people alone?  John Venegoni has worked for ABI AKA Alabama Law Enforcement Agency for 18 years.  Ziaja knew Greg Steenson was a felon, Did Venegoni know?

As for the Oxford Title Mart they never even opened their doors.  All of the capital and/or investment that was set aside for Oxford then went to Hartselle, which we all know was Ziaja's pride and joy.

Laura Venegoni has a lot of the same friends on her Facebook.  Alyssa Franklin, Greg Steenson, Steven Ziaja.

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