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Monday, February 1, 2016

Disappointed in Deputy

We were told by a credible source this weekend that a deputy that we always believed to be a good deputy transported money between the Title Marts while on duty.  We were told that he transferred the funds while on duty.  Our source told us that another deputy washed cars for one of the Title Marts when off duty.  According to our sources once the deputy found out what was going on at the Title Marts he quit.

In regards to Greg Steenson and the Title Marts we have had an overwhelming amount of information pouring in.  One of our readers wrote "booger was definitely a sub partner in the priceville partners, it was reported that he invested several hundred thousand dollars into the company, where does a so called undercover dea agent get money like this?"  The writer goes on to say "why doesn't somebody demand franklin show proof where the 400k went?  Ask question is franklin daughter still working at company, reported she been seen daily at performance auto, (she is working there), ask question like this on your blog why as Performance auto stop getting cars, where are the cars, did lynn and jeff cut them off?"

We placed a call into Lynn this morning.  We will try to get answers for our readers.

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