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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Corrections - Posse Donation and Misuse of Morgan County Sheriff Office Resources and Personnel

For a considerable amount of time we believed the discretionary funds was the only key to following the money.  Why not use funds from the posse which is a non-profit organization?  Since taxes is not a concern and you are not reporting the income to the IRS, damn what a sweet deal. 

We have a couple of corrections brought to our attention by an avid reader and knowledgeable source in regards to posse donations and misuse of MCSO resources and Personnel.

The books that are put together for the rodeo are not sold, they are given away.  Franklin has the ads sold by deputies, corrections officers, and office staff during normal duty hours.  Franklin is using office funds to pay the MCSO employees not posse funds.  Franklin is using sheriff office vehicles not posse assigned vehicles.  Franklin is using an upscale printer that may be leased but is only used for the books and pamphlets for the rodeo.  Franklin is using paper product purchased from MCSO funds.  What more can we say?

The information technology specialist is tasked with organization of the books by the size of the ads taken out by citizens like me and you, as well as businesses.  Don't blame information technology they are at Franklin's beckon call.  When Franklin demanded to know who sent us the pictures of the Layton's deputy badges she doesn't call ghost busters.  She calls information technology.  When Franklin wants grunt work done she using the hard working people at the sheriff's office.  When Franklin is rodeo and posse ready and wants to have fun it's come on Berzett's, Goodwin's, Hilda, Dutton, Mason, Hamm, Corley's and a few more to have fun, fun, fun, until daddy takes the T-Bird away.

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