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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Corrections Officers how long does it take

Isn't the concept for placing men and women in halfway houses to rehabilitate them and return them back into society?  Why does it take Morgan County Community Corrections so long to get the out- of-county and out-of-state folks into the system.

Obviously someone approved the out-of-town and out-of-state folks to come here through mandatory halfway house participation or some other method of approval.  If these folks are not quickly approved, they will be re-arrested and returned to jail.  Is that the way our system is supposed to work for non-violent offenders?  Why allow these folks to come in from out of state or out of town if you are not going to complete the process.  Maybe some of us just don't care because the process doesn't affect you.  How many people out there believe in humanity.?  Dang even Franklin hires those who have been arrested for simple things like burglary, DUI, contempt of court.  Oh! We are sorry.  We forgot one of these folks is her common law son-in-law.  We almost forgot about Timothy Alan Hall who is the first cousin of Franklin's other son-in-law.  Hall got a sweet deal.  He was headed to prison after he was convicted of vehicular homicide! until Franklin requested an in-house hold on him from Limestone county.  Hall is now on work release and enjoying the moment.  

Listen up folks in the halfway houses, call Ana and call her Mamma Warbucks.  

Seriously, when these folks are indigent and cannot pay their fines, we throw them in jail.  Their option for getting out of jail maybe mandatory halfway house participation.  If they can't get in the system they go back to jail.

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