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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Calling the whistleblower no problem

Someone called one of our numbers yesterday telling us to check out the message on the whistleblower.  We don't know how you obtained one of our numbers but we are not intimidated in the least.

We will continue to blog and if you want to contact us with credible information, do so.  The blog and the Google Plus is set up in a manner that the source is fully protected.

Many things are happening right now on our blog.  The folks working for the MCSO want to change.  You can only intimidate folks who want to be intimidated.  What we have learned from the sources we have spoken to is that there are a lot of good folks working for the sheriff's office who deserve a leader who cares about them, cares about their work-related needs, has compassion for their families, who ensures that the employees are paid comparison wages to other sheriff's offices within Alabama, a leader who goes to work and, a leader who allows and encourages training and education.

The most significant thing that we have learned about our sources are how honest they are.  Many of the folks who have been terminated want their jobs back under new leadership.  These folks loved their jobs and were proud of their accomplishments.  The sources within the sheriff's office also want change.  Employees should not fear for their jobs.  Employees should not be told who they can be friends with on Facebook.  They should not be told not to read the morgancountywhistleblower blogs.  You may work for the MCSO but that doesn't mean they have the right to dictate what social media sites you chose to read unless you happen to be at work.   The United States of America is still a free republic.  

we can be reached at the following:

Facebook:  Mcwb Morgan

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