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Monday, February 15, 2016

Busy Morning

We understand that Ana is not very happy with us right now.  Must be hard to understand why your troops no longer believe in you.

There is lots of reasons but we do not believe that Ana has the capability of understanding that when you fail to be a leader your troops will no longer support you.

Ana is frustrated because the word got out that she may be involved in the Title Marts.  Not to mention the fraud, waste, and abuse of funds she is responsible for.  

We hope that at least some of the elected officials has gotten our message.  We are here to stay and we will make ever attempt to fight corruption.

We have made a lot of inquires to see how well the other elected officials in Morgan County are doing.  What we have found is that the only elected official that rarely goes to work is Ana Franklin.  See her in the afternoon and most likely somebody  is about to be fired.  To see Franklin before high noon is very rare.

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